2022-2023 Junior Field Trip Louisiana Military Museum


Louisiana Military Museum Hosts 2nd Annual Veteran Heritage Festival

Abbeville, Louisiana – The Louisiana Military Museum will host its 2nd Annual Veteran Heritage Festival on Veteran’s Day weekend with a variety of programs designed for guests of all ages to honor our veterans and remember their stories.

Bring the family out to the Louisiana Military Museum on Veteran’s Day weekend to enjoy its 2nd Annual Veteran Heritage Festival, a fun-filled event that honors our veterans and remembers their stories. Living history interpreters and veterans representing military and civilian life from the French and Indian War to the present will bring history to life for students and guests of all ages and abilities. Walk back through time as the presenters, wearing appropriate uniforms, share their stories, conduct interactive demonstrations, and facilitate educational programs. Demonstrations include writing letters home with a quill pen, cooking rations over an open fire, and exploring technological advancements from the American War for Independence and War of 1812 through the Civil War, Punitive Expedition, and the Global War on Terror.

The Louisiana National Guard will set up an obstacle course to challenge youngsters and those young at heart. In addition to the living history activities set up outdoors, museum exhibits indoors include a Hall of Honor featuring Louisiana’s 28 Medal of Honor recipients. Artifacts representing Louisiana’s rich military history include a War of 1812 cannon, various Civil War artifacts, a WWII jeep, Higgins boat, Bell helicopter, and anti-aircraft gun. Local children’s authors will share the remarkable stories of Captain Graves Erskine, the Louisiana Marine responsible for the Unknown Soldier’s journey home after WWI, and WWII-era New Orleans boat-builder Andrew Higgins, “the man who won the war.”

  • We will leave school 11/11/22 at 9am and return at 2:00pm.
  • Lunch will be provided – Dominos Pizza
  • Cost is $10.00 to cover the bus and pizza
  • Order deadline is 11/9/22

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