2023 Girls Summer soccer league 7 vs 7


Copa Iberia 7 v 7 Summer League 2023

The season will run on Thursday nights from 6/07/23 – 7/30/23 (excluding 7/5/23 – week of Independence Day) at the Catholic High School practice fields, which are located at the Admiral Doyle/Bank St campus entrance.

Games will take place in three time slots, 5:30-6:30pm, 6:30-7:30pm, and 7:30-8:30pm. Once registration is finalized, a schedule will be released.

The status of games on days with inclement weather will be decided by 2pm the day of the game. High school team coaches will be alerted of cancellations if needed. Make-up games (weather) can be rescheduled between coaches of representative teams if desired.

Standard soccer rules will be followed, with the exception of slide tackles.

This is a league meant to promote competitive development in the off-season, while protecting players as much as possible for the season. While slide tackles are a very important tool in competitive soccer, it is a play that risks player health and won’t be allowed. All slide tackles will result in a penalty kick being awarded to the opposing team, and two slide tackles in a game will result in the offending player being sent off for the rest of the game.  Teams will consist of 7 players (6 field players and a keeper) on condensed fields with 6’x12’ goals. Two 25 minute halves will be played with a 5 minute halftime.

Standard league play scoring – 3 points per win, 1 per draw, 0 per loss. Final standings to be determined by points and goal differential. Teams will be matched up with the opponent closest in the standings for the final “championship” week.

  • Only players going into 8th – 12th grade will be permitted to play.
  • Entry fee for the league is $50 per player.
  • Drinks and snacks will be sold at the field (cash only).
  • Please have registration forms submitted to high school coaches by 5/26/23 so that the schedule can be created and released ASAP.

All Catholic High students who sign up for this 7v7 MUST have a current physical file.  Player’s physical status will be checked against registration.

If you missed Free Physical Day hosted at Catholic High, feel free to obtain a LHSAA physical at a Walk-In clinic or your family physician.  You may access the physical packet by clicking HERE.  All pages must be completely filled out.

By completing this purchase, you agree that: ● you give your child permission to attend the field trip; ● you grant permission for your child to travel on a bus secured by CHS and driven by an appropriately licensed driver; ● you grant chaperones permission to seek medical treatment for your child if needed; ● you understand that the trip fee is non-refundable. If your child cannot attend due to illness or unforeseen circumstance, we cannot refund any fees as all are paid in advance.